Can’t get enough of new mobility?

  • Discover all the ins and outs of micromobility, car sharing and various technologies that add a boost to your mobility.
  • The experience is sure not to disappoint, with rides on electric scooters, self-balancing means of transport and monowheels – for young and old alike.
  • There are also mobility ambassadors and B2B and B2G conferences for those who can’t get enough of mobility.

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#WeAreMobility, the 2020 Brussels Motor Show hub

The 2020 Brussels Motor Show looks to the future. Mobility is evolving and that’s why we're dedicated to gathering all the new mobility players together in one place. From 10 through 19 January 2020 – the full run of the Brussels Motor Show – you can check out the latest mobility solutions at #WeAreMobility.

For #WeAreMobility, this is already their third edition at the Brussels Motor Show. This mobility show was only around for four days during the 2018 event. This year you have the chance to drop by every single day of the Motor Show.

Mobility Solutions

#WeAreMobility aims to demonstrate at the show how mobility has evolved. Get acquainted with micromobility, such as electric scooters, self-balancing boards, folding bikes, e-scooters, monowheels and other types of soft mobility. Find out all about shared mobility. Cars, electric scooters, bikes and steps are all within the realm of possibility.

Discover the world of MaaS (Mobility as a Service) and how new technology such as apps, charging stations and charging systems facilitate and support our mobility.

Febelauto is also ready to tell you all about vehicle and hybrid and electric vehicle battery recycling.

Click here for the list of exhibitors at #WeAreMobility.

Experience mobility

Mobility literally and figuratively gets people moving. Visitors from the age of 14 and up can get acquainted with micromobility equipment free of charge on a test track, including rides on an electric scooter, a monowheel, self-balancing boards or an e-scooter (from the age of 16), etc.

You can also have a personal Mobility Scan done to find out what alternative mobility solutions work best for you.

More inspiration

Still haven’t gotten your fill of mobility? Ask our mobility ambassadors.

As a professional, are these issues your bread and butter? Good news – there are several B2B and B2G conferences for you to attend. Inspiring Talks and the European Automotive Forum are just two examples.

Good news: access to #WeAreMobility and the test track is included in the general ticket for the 2020 Brussels Motor Show.

A #WeAreMobility ticket is included with the 2020 Brussels Motor Show general tickets.

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