Motorcycles and scooters – what are the tax benefits?

There are loads of costs associated with riding a motorcycle. As with cars, you have to take out an insurance policy and pay road tax. However, you also need special clothing and accessories. Here's the good news: motorcycles and scooters are eligible for more tax breaks than cars. The purchase cost, motorcycle clothing and other expenses can all be written off.

  • For new motorcycles, costs can be offset for approximately five years.
  • You can deduct up to 100% of a motorcycle's costs, whereas for a car, that's only true for 75%.
  • Motorcycle clothing, fuel, your insurance, etc. – they’re all tax deductible.

Purchase price

The purchase price (including VAT) of your motorcycle can be written off. You should expect a tax-deductible period of five years for new motorcycles involving normal use and three for a second-hand bike. In most cases the invoice serves as proof; however, a written statement between two private sellers is also valid.

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More economical than cars

If you only use your motorcycle or scooter on your daily commute or to visit customers, then you can offset all of those costs. Motorcyclists often take their bikes out for a spin in their spare time though, so you might have a hard time convincing the tax authority to deduct the full 100%. The long and short of it is – be realistic when calculating the ‘percentage of work-related use’.

However, the good news is that you can deduct over 75%, i.e. the set limit for cars. You could also opt for the EUR 0.15 per km flat rate for your daily commute on your tax return, with a maximum of EUR 100 per trip. In most cases though, it tends to be more beneficial to just submit those costs as professional expenses. So be sure to store all invoices and proofs of payment in a safe place.

Other costs?

It’s not just motorcycle clothing such as motorcycle trousers, gloves and even thermal underwear that you can write off. Fuel, road tax, insurance policies, and roadside assistance contracts can also be included in your professional expenses. Motorcycle clothing, for example, can be offset by three years. Please note: you always have to buy your protective equipment in a motorcycle shop, and you have to be able to submit an invoice as proof of purchase.

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