Separate insurance for motorcycles? Oh dear…

When it comes to motorcycles, they're like cars... The cost of the motorcycle itself isn’t the only cost involved if you want to take it on the road. You're stuck with your accessories and equipment, the annual road tax and... an insurance policy. Third party liability insurance (BA) will put you out around EUR 200. But if you already drive a car and have already taken out a car insurance policy, do you still have to take out a separate policy for your motorcycle?

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  • Third party liability (BA) insurance is mandatory.
  • Make sure you have even better cover with legal assistance and driver’s insurance.
  • Ask your insurer about the benefits associated with already having car insurance.


Third Party Liability Insurance for Two Wheelers (BA) is mandatory for any motorcycle you want to take on the road. That way you’re covered for material and physical damage to others if you cause an accident with your motorcycle.

This policy covers the policyholder, the owner and every driver with a valid (temporary or permanent) driving licence. It applies in Belgium and within all countries listed on the green card.


It’s important to remember that third party liability insurance is actually just the legal minimum. It only insures you for your liability. You won't receive any compensation for damage to your motorcycle, and you'll also be held liable for any disputes following an accident.

Compare the options available at the different insurance companies, e.g. breakdown assistance, legal assistance in the event of a dispute following an accident, driver's insurance that provides compensation when you’re injured (even if you are at fault), protection against theft and fire, etc.

Already a policyholder?

Yes, you still require a separate insurance policy for two-wheelers, even if you already have a car insurance policy. That said, most insurers will offer you attractive terms for your motorcycle insurance if you've already taken out another policy with them on a different vehicle. If you’re already a customer at an insurance company, ask if there are any special deals available.

Still haven't hit 18 yet?

The legal age for riding a motorcycle in Belgium is 16. However, your insurance contract does have to be signed by an adult. Once signed, the contract will then be in the name of your legal representative. You are the beneficiary.

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