Does the road tax apply to motorcycles 250 cc and under?

Are you considering buying a motorcycle at the Motor Show? Ready to venture out into the wide world? Great! But first you’ve got a couple of formalities to take care of. You've probably already taken out an insurance policy. Fantastic. However, there are still taxes to be paid.

  • Every driver is required to pay a one-off vehicle registration tax.
  • Road tax is owed annually, but... motors with a cylinder capacity of 250 cc or less are exempt!

Vehicle registration tax

The vehicle registration tax (BIV) is a one-off tax that everyone pays when registering a new or second-hand vehicle. The tax rate depends on how old your vehicle is. On top of that, you pay less for more environmentally friendly cars or motorcycles.

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Road tax

Road tax is paid annually and varies from region to region. However, on this count, we've got good news for motorcyclists. Motorcycles with a cylinder capacity of 250 cc or less are exempt throughout Belgium! Even better – in Flanders, electric motorcycles and scooters are also exempt.

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