How do I finance my motorcycle?

You've been dreaming of a motorcycle for ages. We can relate! However, you probably know that it's insanely expensive, and that to start out with, you won’t have the kind of budget you need. Not to worry though, there are a number of ways to finance your bike.

Working out an arrangement with a dealer

At some dealers, you can buy a motorcycle based on monthly payments or benefit from financial services for private individuals. Ask at the different brand stands or the Start2Ride stand for more information when you’re at the Brussels Motor Show. It’s fantastic for new motorcyclists because they're available to answer all your questions.

Do you still have questions about your motorcycle? Drop by the Motor Show and visit the Start2Ride stand where you can ask us anything!

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With a loan, you can spread your expenses, which takes some of the pressure off your budget. There are two types of loans that you can consider if you want to finance your motorcycle.

  • Loan for a specific purpose
    The loan for a specific purpose, or designated loan, is a low-risk loan. The loan only serves to finance the vehicle, and the vehicle is simply collateral. In general, the amount you can borrow is equal to the price of the vehicle.

    To obtain a loan for a specific purpose, you must present a proof of purchase. You also have to meet certain conditions, e.g. be living in Belgium, be of legal age and not be on the blacklist of The Central Individual Credit Register (CICR). And naturally, you'll need to be able to pay off your loan within the agreed period.

  • Personal loan
    Unlike a designated loan, a personal loan does not require any guarantee or justification of purchase. This means that banks incur a higher risk, which also means you will need to pay a higher interest rate and total cost of the loan.

    In some cases, a personal loan will allow you to borrow up to 110% or 120% of the motorcycle's purchase price. The reason for taking out this type of loan is mainly to make it easier to pay for additional costs such as insurance or equipment.

It goes without saying that we aren’t able to give you a ready-made answer to your personal situation here. As a result, we propose that you drop by the Brussels Motor Show 2020 and compare the financing options at the different brands and dealers. Naturally, we’re also willing and ready to help you at the Start2Ride stand! Until then?

Compare your different motorcycle financing options at the Brussels Motor Show.

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