Electric cars – they sound nice, but…

Electric cars aren’t something to be bought on a whim. They’re still fairly expensive to buy, and what’s more,
potential buyers usually have a whole bunch of other questions they want to ask.

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Charging stations... ?

Recently they've been popping up everywhere, at shops, car parks, filling stations and just by the roadside.
While some charging stations are proprietary, most are compatible with all makes and models.
A charging pass is usually required to use them. Rapid charging is more expensive than slow charging.

However, the question everyone wants to know the answer to is, ‘Are enough charging stations available?’
Well, by 2021 there should be 20,000 public charging points in Belgium.

What about autonomy?

The range or autonomy of the car is also something that potential buyers are concerned about.
Fortunately, autonomy is getting better all the time. For normal, daily travel,
the driving range of electric vehicles is more than sufficient.

There are several factors that influence how many kilometers you travel by electric car. Driving conditions,
the amount of traffic, your driving style and how you use your heating, all impact autonomy.
For instance, a cold winter's day can theoretically halve your driving range.

Battery powered

It goes without saying that an electric car's battery is the beating heart of the drive.
Every battery also has a specific life. However, is that (battery) life long enough?

Well, in practice we've noticed that electric car batteries rarely present any issues.
Car manufacturers also set drivers’ minds at ease with extensive guarantees.

There are some makes that have already included battery rental in their options.
It’s an avenue that's sure to gain in popularity in the (near) future.
By replacing your old battery, you could increase the storage capacity.

But what about the battery's location? Doesn’t that take up a lot of space?
Electric cars that have been designed for electric propulsion don’t lose out on any space.
However, electric cars initially equipped with an internal combustion engine,
usually have to sacrifice some luggage space for the battery.

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Are they safe though?

Electric cars run on high voltage, but obviously – under normal circumstances – you’re not in any danger as a driver.
That said, maintenance, check-ups and repairs should always be left to the experts.
The manufacturer’s technical data sheets are also available to assist the fire brigade, for example.
These enable them to safely rescue any occupants in the event of an accident.

How much more environmentally friendly are they really?

With regard to the emissions debate, electric cars come out on top. It’s true that electric cars don't emit CO2.
What people often forget, unfortunately, is that this electricity comes from power stations.
So if you really want to drive green, charge your car with green electricity.

And no, electric car batteries aren't good for the environment either. That’s why the sector is hard at work on
environmentally friendly production and recycling processes for these batteries.

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