An electric car – can I afford one?

Electric cars – they’re environmentally friendly and energy efficient. But is it really as pricey as people say?
Are you thinking about purchasing an electric car? Then be sure to drop by the 2020 Brussels Motor Show.
When you visit, you're sure to get answers to all your questions about electric driving and the associated tax benefits.

  • Electric cars cost less per kilometer driven
  • An electric vehicle requires much less maintenance
  • Be sure to ask about which tax benefits are in it for you!

Too many questions?
Not to worry – at the Brussels Motor Show you can find out all about the financial benefits of electric cars!

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More expensive, but cheaper...

Electric cars aren’t a cheap purchase. Why? The technology is expensive and comparatively speaking,
there still aren’t that many fully electric vehicles on the market. However, when you calculate the costs
per kilometres driven, you end up paying a whole lot less than with a traditional petrol or diesel motor.
What’s more, the maintenance costs are incredibly low.

Solar panels

Do you have solar panels at home? That's great news! It means your electric car will save you even more money.
Electricity suppliers and car makes selling electric cars often have a price simulator that allows you to calculate
which option – electric or petrol/diesel – is the best fit for you.

Tax benefits

Electric cars in Flanders won’t be subject to vehicle registration tax until 2020. For the time being, annual
road tax and tax benefits on company cars will continue to make the choice for an electric car a smart purchase.
Please note, tax deductibility is a federal competence, while annual road tax is determined by the regional authorities.

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