Dream Cars

Dream Cars – Free Guided Tour!

Marvel at the most exclusive cars on an interactive tour

Make the most of your Dream Cars visit with a guided tour along 40 stages of exclusive cars. Do you have a Dream Cars ticket? Your tour is free!

40 stages

Any true car buff has to drop by and visit Dream Cars in Hall 1. It’s the place to be. By spending an extra EUR 7 on your Brussels Motor Show ticket, you’ll gain access to 40 awe-inspiring stages in a unique setting. What's more, a Dream Cars ticket includes a free guided tour!

Audio en video

The tour starts at the Dream Cars entrance. Scan the QR code (or enter a short link on your smartphone) and you'll get photos, videos and audio tracks with fun facts and anecdotes about each car. And not to worry, free WiFi is available in the halls. You might want to bring your own cell phone earphones.

Go where the mood takes you

There's an audio track of around 1.5 minutes for each of the vehicles exhibited in the hall. There’s no rush, so you can explore at your own pace. You decide what your visit to Dream Cars is like and which track you listen to when.

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