Buying…and paying for cars

Buying a new car is something to look forward to, and comparing models, technologies and options is part of the fun. That is if you have the money you need on hand. Buying a car isn’t a given for everyone, but frequently it's a practical necessity. Fortunately, there are all kinds of options available for financing a car.

  • Are you planning on borrowing money for your car? That costs money, too.
  • You can pay for your car in monthly instalments, either via a loan from a bank or a car dealer.
  • You can also lease your car. In that case, you pay a fixed fee for use.

To drive a new car, you don't necessarily have to buy it (right away). Is financing a car with your own capital in one go not an option? Monthly payments or leasing might be a good plan.

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By loan

Banks have different loan formulas that they use to lend money. And it isn’t just traditional banks. Car makes or dealers are sometimes able to lend all or part of your consumer credit.

You pay the purchase price on a monthly basis and may already start paying part of it as an advance payment. You can also agree to pay a certain balance at the end of the credit period all at once, but then you'll need extra time to save the funds required.

Borrowing money... that costs money, too

It goes without saying that borrowing money isn't free, so be sure to check the interest rate on your loan.

If you borrow money, there are also some legal conditions that you have to comply with. The bank or other lender will also need to know whether you are financially sound enough to pay off your monthly instalments.

Oh yes, it's also a good idea to take out a comprehensive policy. Imagine you're in an accident and your car is declared a total loss. If you're covered by a comprehensive insurance policy, you won't be obliged to continue paying off the car anymore.


Leasing is a concept usually used in a professional context; however, this option is also available to private persons.

If you lease a car, you don't own it. You pay for the use. This entails a monthly fixed sum, as though you were renting. The lease price includes costs such as maintenance, tyres, insurance and road tax. That way you're never in for any unpleasant surprises. You know exactly how much you owe each month. At the end of the contract, the vehicle is returned to the leasing company.

All costs are included, except for the fuel. That’s also why it's important that you come up with a reasonable estimate in advance of how many kilometres you think you'll drive per year. Why? The lease price will be higher if you exceed that estimate.

Would you like to lease a car? Ask for more information from specialised leasing companies, banks, consumer credit providers and car manufacturers.

As you might have guessed, you’ve come to the right place for that at the Brussels Motor Show. Visit the different makes to find out loads of information about financing your future car!

Ask the car makes how they can help finance your future car.

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